Linda Edwards
Biographical information
Full name: Linda Edwards
Status: Alive
Other information
Nickname: Ellie

L.E. (by herself)

Gender: Female
Eye color: Blue
Height: 5′8
Series information
Portrayed by: Cassidy Freeman
Season/s: 2
First appearance: Hack Me If You Can
Latest appearance: The One That Got Away
Appearance count: 2
Linda Edwards is a character that first made an appearance in the Stitchers episode, "Hack Me If You Can." She was formerly married to Derek Steelman, who was also a skilled hacker, until she caught him cheating on her with another woman, and doing so by using She then hacked into Derek's insulin pump and killed him.


She is a skilled hacker as shown throughout the episode when she drains Cameron's bank account in its entirety, and hacks into Linus's "smart home", almost causing a gas explosion to kill him. She was also capable of hacking into the LAPD and creating an arrest warrant for Kirsten.


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