Look, as long as I know you're safe, I'll be okay.
Cameron persuading Kirsten to stitch in Out of the Shadows
Camsten 101
General Information
Pairing (characters): Cameron Goodkin and Kirsten Clark
Kind of pairing (friendship, couple, family etc.): Romantic/Friendship
Status: Dating/In Love/Very Close Friends
Started (when + reason): Before A Stitch in Time
Camsten is the Current Relationship between Cameron Goodkin and Kirsten Clark. They are currently Best Friends and Dating. In The One That Got Away, Kirsten told Cameron that she needed time to process the emotions, but in The Two Deaths of Jamie B, she tells him that she doesn't want to make anything awkward as friends, essentially saying no to them dating. They started dating in Season 3 Episode Out of the Shadows.

Season 1

Kirsten first meets Cameron when they were children in the hospital where Cameron had a heart surgery while Kristen's mom was admitted into the hospital because of a car accident. She is painting her mother's nails when Cameron walks in and tells him her dad has a plan to help her mom. Cameron comforts her when she becomes sad. This memory of their first encounter was lost when she was stitched into her mother's mind by her father, which resulted in Kirsten losing all her memories before the age of eight, and causing her to develop Temporal Dysplasia. Upon stitching into Cameron's mind while trying to find information on who was behind the shooting of Quincy Fisher, Kirsten discovers that all his memories were of the times that Cameron has spent with Kristen, including this first meeting.
Kirsten meets Cameron again upon entering the Stitchers Program. They verbally spar with each other, with Kirsten remaining cold and dismissive. After exiting her first stitch, with the memory engrams of Peter Brandt's feelings toward Julie Malarek, Kirsten walks over to Cameron and kisses him.

Season 2

Kirsten tells Cameron in the season finale " I don't even remember ever being home in the first place, ever. Except here, with you. Here feels like home. Hey, come here, come here. " They hug and after a while they kiss for 26 seconds and then they stop and Kirsten says " I'm sorry. I'll go. I'm sorry. "

Season 3

After Kirsten wakes up crying, she goes and hugs Cameron. Cameron, who had manipulated the memory of Kirsten's mom to get Kirsten out of the stitch, tells Kirsten what he did. Kirsten slaps Cameron, and faints. At the end of episode 1 of season 3, Cameron tells Kirsten that Nina broke up with him. Kirsten asks Cameron how long he would have waited for her in the stitch, and without hesitating he replies forever. They then share a kiss, and start a relationship.



Kirsten: "Is this what love is? Intense connection and then heartbreaking loss?"

Cameron: "Maybe."
Kirsten: "Is it worth it?"

Cameron: "It is better to have loved and lost, than to never have loved at all."

Cameron: "You're ok with co-workers dating?"
Kirsten: "Yeah. But I'm not ok with Linus wearing my sweatshirt."

Cameron: "Hey. What's going on?"

Kirsten: "I'm sorry, I... I feel like... I feel lost. I feel... trapped, I don't know."

Cameron: "What?"

Kirsten: "God, I'm sorry. I'm just barging in. Is Nina here? Is somebody here?"

Cameron: "No, no! It's fine, it's fine. Hey, Kirsten."

Kirsten: "I just really screwed things up, didn't I?"

Cameron: "No, come here. Look, okay, Kirsten, you've had a few setbacks, okay, but... you're just being hard on yourself. You're smart, okay? You're going to figure this out."

Kirsten: "I don't know that I want to anymore."

Cameron: "Okay... Look at me, look at me. What do you want?"

Kirsten: "I want to be with my mother. I want the childhood that I never had."

Cameron: "They say you can't go home again."

Kirsten: "I know. I don't even remember ever being home in the first place, ever. Except here, with you. Here feels like home."

Cameron: "Hey, come here, come here."

Cameron pulls Kirsten in for a long, passionate hug. They pull apart from the hug and slowly go in for a kiss, they end up kissing for 26 seconds.

Kirsten: "I'm sorry. I'll go. I'm sorry."