Do you wanna, maybe, go grab some dinner?
Cameron to Nina
Midnight Stitcher @ Freeform (5)
General Information
Pairing (characters): Cameron Goodkin and Nina
Kind of pairing (friendship, couple, family etc.): Romantic
Status: Exes
Started (when + reason): The Two Deaths of Jamie B
Camina is the former romantic relationship between Nina and Cameron Goodkin. They started dating in The Two Deaths of Jamie B. Nina broke up with Cameron via note, shown in Out of the Shadows, after waiting in his apartment for three days to see him, when he had to work overtime at the lab due to Kirsten being stuck in her memories.

Throughout the series:Edit

Season 2:Edit

The Two Deaths of Jamie B.Edit

Nina meets Cameron outside of the comic book store she works at, where they both freak out about a comic book that Cameron likes. Nina then delivers a special issue to Cameron's door as a surprise, which results in Cameron asking her out for dinner.

Midnight StitcherEdit

Nina and Cameron are sitting on the couch playing video games on the television, and Cameron and Nina share a kiss.

Season 3: Edit


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