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Do you wanna, maybe, go grab some dinner?
Cameron to Nina
Midnight Stitcher @ Freeform (5)
General Information
Pairing (characters): Cameron Goodkin and Nina
Kind of pairing (friendship, couple, family etc.): Romantic
Status: Exes
Started (when + reason): The Two Deaths of Jamie B
Camina is the current romantic relationship between Nina and Cameron Goodkin. They started dating in The Two Deaths of Jamie B.

Throughout the series:Edit

Season 2:Edit

The Two Deaths of Jamie B.Edit

Nina meets Cameron outside of the comic book store she works at, where they both freak out about a comic book that Cameron likes. Nina then delivers a special issue to Cameron's door as a surprise, which results in Cameron asking her out for dinner.

Midnight StitcherEdit

Nina and Cameron are sitting on the couch playing video games on the television, and Cameron and Nina share a kiss.

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