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When you're in a stitch, and you're waltzing around some dead person's memory, it is my job to keep you safe!
Cameron to Kirsten Clark in Full Stop

107 Cameron Promotional
Cameron Goodkin
Biographical information
Status: Alive
Residence: Cameron's Apartment
Occupation: Neuroscientist at The Stitcher Lab
Other information
Nickname: Girlfriend, Chuck Head, Dr. Smartypants, Doc, Jughead, C.G by Kirsten Clark, Agent Goodkin
Gender: Male
Hair color: Dark Brown
Marital status: Single
Significant Other/s: Kirsten Clark (Kissed/Possibly In Love With)

Nina (dating)

Family: James Miller (imprisoned),
Unnamed mother (alive)
Series information
Portrayed by: Kyle Harris
Willem Miller (young Cameron)
Season/s: 1, 2
First appearance: A Stitch In Time
Latest appearance: The Guest
Appearance count: 19

Cameron Goodkin is a main character on Stitchers. Working alongside Kirsten, Cameron is a brilliant neuroscientist whose passion for the program is evident in his work. He is portrayed by Kyle Harris and his younger version by Willem Miller .


He's 25, technical lead for the Stitchers program. Nerdy and not as cool as he thinks he is. Cameron will happily engage in a pissing contest with anyone who thinks they’re smarter than he is, however in spite of his airs of intellectual superiority he becomes a loyal and fierce supporter of Kirsten.He's off the charts brilliant, Cameron was tutored by some of the finest minds in the intelligence and scientific communities.Cameron grew up around money, and while he ashamedly enjoys the trappings of wealth -- a fancy apartment, nice car, gourmet kitchen (he's an amateur chef!) -- he could also be happy with a computer, a fast internet connection, and time enough to think big thoughts.

Early in his life, it is revealed that he had open heart surgery (hence the scar on his chest) and that unbeknownst to himself and the rest of the Stitchers, he and Kristen had met each other when they were kids.

Physical Appearance

He has brown hair, medium build, average height and in I See You, Kirsten catches Cameron shirtless and he has toned body with a scar going down his chest.

Series: 21/21

Season 1 (11/11)

Season 2: 10/10



  • Has a scar down the center of his chest after having heart surgery when he was 10 to replace a heart valve.
  • Has been slapped 3 times over the course of 6 episodes.
  • His family is rich.
  • Cameron's mother is also a doctor.
  • In Full Stop , it is revealed to Kirsten that she had met Cameron when they were kids and that he's been in love with her this whole time (based on most of his memories being of moments he had with Kirsten).
  • It's revealed in A Stitch in Time that he majored in Neuroscience and in Fire in the Hole, that he previously worked as a researcher at MIT.
  • His interests include cooking(revealed in A Stitch in Time, Settlers of Catan and dancing (revealed in Friends in Low Places) and collecting action figures & comic books(revealed in Finally).
  • He doesn't eat pork because his grandmother is Jewish and drives a Volvo.

Memorable Quotes

Cameron [to Kirsten]: Look, I don't tell you how to be an emotionally vacant, relationship void young woman. You don't tell me how to run my lab.

Cameron: You really gotta learn how to speak to women.
Linus: What? I speak to a woman every night.
Cameron: Yeah, your mother.

Cameron [to Kirsten]: Did you hear the shooter say anything? Like [in a deep voice] these bullets are meant for you Cameron?

Kirsten: What went wrong?
Cameron: Marta stayed in too long. She couldn't make the bounce by herself and by the time I got her out, it was too late.
Kirsten: She died
Cameron: No, but she was damaged. She's been in a coma for the last four months
Kirsten: It was an accident. [pausing and looking at Cameron] It wasn't your fault.
Cameron: I can't risk anything like that happening again. [looking at Kirsten] I can't risk you.

Cameron [to Kirsten]: If you don't hear from me in an hour, look for my head in his freezer.

Kirsten:"Are you ok?"
Cameron:"Why do people do that?"
Kirsten:"Do what?"
Cameron:"Ask if you're ok, when they know you're not."

Cameron: "Now it's time to play, 'how is this my fault?'"


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