Boy in the Red Cap
Boy in the Red Cap
Real Identity: Daniel Stinger
Disguise: Young Cameron
Biographical information
Status: Alive (presumably)
Affiliation: Young Cameron (disguise)
Other information
Gender: Male (disguise)
Series information
Portrayed by: Willem Miller (disguise)
Season/s: 2
First appearance: The One That Got Away
Latest appearance: Pretty Little Lawyers
Appearance count: 5
The Boy in the Red Cap is a subconscious visual when Kirsten stitches into the minds of victims, and each stitch is persistent in showing the boy. In The Dying Shame, the boy reveals himself to her as Young Cameron, but tells her that he took a form of someone she trusts in her subconscious. He then told her that he would leave something on her doorstep, and to check. When Kirsten arrives back at her house, there is a vinyl of Coco with a note attached, quoting the conversation in the stitch earlier. His current real identity is presumed to be Daniel Stinger.

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